Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not have a contract or a non-compete agreement with our providers. We only ask our providers to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect the information and training we provide with our program.

Why should I bring pellet therapy to my practice?
  • Demand in the market – patients are actively looking for providers who offer pellet therapy including your own patient base. If you don’t offer the service they will go somewhere else.
  • Efficient & effective procedure – usually 10-15  minutes
  • Profitable
What are some advantages of Pellet Therapy?
  • Delivers constant release of physiological doses,  zero order kinetics
  • Non-transference
  • Convenient procedure- only takes place once every 3-4 months
  • There is more data to support pellets than any other method of application
  • Pellets are superior to other forms
How can Pro-Pell Therapy help my practice be successful with BHRT therapy?

Our program consists of all of the components a practice needs to be successful.

What is successful?

  • A practice that understands BHRT and the science behind pellets
  • A practice that doses correctly to create a positive patient outcome
  • A practice that increases pellet patient base with return patients
  • A practice that increases the profit through pellet therapy
What does Pro-Pell training include?

Pro-pell training includes 1 full day of training for providers and a support staff member at Pharmacy Solutions which includes:

  • The history and science behind BHRT for women and men
  • The history and science of pellet therapy
  • Clinical aspects of pellet therapy
  • Marketing plan and implementation – How to start pellet  therapy in your practice
  • Procedure Training
How does Pro-pell compare to other pellet therapy programs?

We are so glad you asked! Here is a market comparison another company offering a similar program. This is an annual comparison for one patient.