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A launch event is a great way to show off your practice and the products and services that you offer.

Components of a Successful Launch Event:
– Good Planning
– Cross-market “cash-pay” products
– Promotions and “Today-Only” offers
– Raffle Prizes
– Food and Beverage

– Find a day and time that will accommodate the demographic you are wanting to attend. Our experience is that Thursday evenings are the most attended events for men and women, ages 40-60.
– What products and services will be hi-lighting? I recommend to pick 3-4 cash pay services and stick with that. Services that compliment pellet therapy and attract the same person. Examples of this might be Aesthetic services.
– Decide on a promotional offer for the event. This is your “call-to-action” for them to spend money. Make the sale the night of the event and then schedule strategically in the following weeks.

– Choose a few products and services within the practice that will compliment pellet therapy.
– Typically, the “pellet patient” is the same “cash-pay” patient for anything in the anti-aging and beauty category.

Examples of this may be:
– Botox/fillers
– Coolsculpting or other weight loss options
– Vaginal Rejuvenation or PRP
– Skincare lines/Supplements

– There needs to be a call to action for the guest to commit.
– Having promotional offers the night of the event is a great way to lock the patient into something.
– Consider discounts or memberships that will offer them great deals. The more they spend the more they save concept.
– Consider offering BOGO – a version of this that has been very successful is by one (for you) and one for your friend or spouse. The 2 for 1 works great with pellet therapy. This makes sense for men and get women free. We can discuss margins if you want to consider this.

– Raffle prizes are a great way to get people there and if done correctly get people to stay the entire event. Consider a prize every 15 minutes with the highest value at the end.
– Ask for prizes to be donated by your vendors.
– Food – is a MUST. People will always come if there is food.
– Alcohol – optional – but the truth is this promotes spending especially with women.
– Make sure you have educational information for each product and services you are hi-lighting. Have something the patient can take away.
– With regards to pellet therapy, we recommend giving out the health questionnaire and scheduling “complimentary” consultations. This is a great way to introduce the subject to the patients.