Asking the Right Questions in Pursuit of Responsible Hormone Use

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has managed to successfully transform the lives of countless aging men and women as they age. As our bodies start to age, they start to change, both inside and out. This includes changes in hormone levels.

Some of these unexpected changes of aging such as weight gain, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, depression or irritability are all often associated with hormone imbalance. These side effects do not have to be part of the aging process. They can be remedied with hormone pellets, part of a BHRT program.

While hormones can’t turn back the clock and completely reverse the signs of aging, they can help the body return to its natural, balanced state and remedy issues such as these. Proper hormone balance can not only help with aging, vitality and muscle strength, but it can also help with disease prevention as well.

Countless men and women from all over the world have already found how much their lives can change with hormone pellets. If you are considering this type of treatment program for yourself, it is important that you first know your rights before you get started.

For Patients | PRO-PELL BY PHARMACY SOLUTIONS It is your right to ask questions about the treatment.

It is your right to enjoy the feelings of energy and vitality that come with hormone therapy.

And, it is your right to know your dose before treatment.

We believe in the responsible use of hormones and want to make sure every person taking advantage of this powerful treatment knows their rights.

There are so many hormone therapy programs that take a one-size-fits-all approach to their treatments. Most people are not one-size-fits-all. Every individual is different. They have different side effects of aging. They have different healthcare needs, and they have different hormone levels.

Hormone therapy can have a positive impact on your life as you age, but to really make sure that these hormones are working with your body and your body’s needs, you need to know your dose.

If you introduce hormones to the body that are similar to those that already exist, it makes it easier for your system to accept the new hormones. This means less of a risk for side effects, quicker results and the feel of a more balanced, natural you.

The goal of effective hormone treatment therapy is to help regain the protective benefits that were originally provided by naturally occurring hormones. The best way to do this is to know where your hormones currently exist, so you can get the accurate dosage your body requires.

At Pro-Pell, we believe it is your right as a patient to know your dose and to understand the exact dosage you are getting with their hormone treatment. This is why we take lab work on every patient and customize their treatment based on their body.

With customized BHRT every patient can ensure they are getting the specific treatment, they need. This is your health; it is not a one-size-fits-all program. The procedure still only takes 10-15 minutes, and since your dosage is based on your lab results, you can rest assured your body is getting what it needs to be its healthiest.

No matter the reason for wanting hormone replacement therapy, it is important that you know what is going in your body. It is your right to know your dose, so make sure that you are turning to a hormone therapy center that takes the time to test your levels, so you can get the exact treatment you need to be your best.


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