How to Get More of Your Love Hormone

How to Get More of Your Love Hormone

As we go through life, there are times when even those of us who generally have a healthy libido, or sex drive, experience problems with it. While this problem can occur at any stage of life, it most commonly occurs after menopause for women and for men after age 50.

Hormone issues can certainly be a part of the issue here, but not always the only issue of course.  Stress, relationship issues, availability of time, and a myriad of other things can affect the libido. If we are out of shape physically or have a bad diet, it can be difficult to enjoy sex. But if those issues are not causing the problem, we should look at our hormone status. Even with plenty of time and a good relationship, without hormones in the proper balance, it just won’t happen.

For women, we won’t always get good results if we just use testosterone. Getting the estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone back in the body at the correct amounts is crucial.  This is best done by using the exact, bio-identical forms of the different hormones, not the various synthetic, non-native forms which have been developed by drug companies to substitute for our hormones. If it turns out that only more hormones are needed, you can use topical creams, sublingual lozenges, or implantable pellets. Testosterone is not effective if swallowed because it gets broken down by the liver after absorption.

For men, the primary hormone issue is, of course, testosterone. But it is not always so simple. Sometimes the man has an estrogen level which is elevated, and this would inhibit both desire and performance.   If this is the case, sometimes we only need to reduce the estrogen to improve function. We can do that by either eliminating the estrogen faster or decreasing the rate of its production. If we do need to add more testosterone, the same options of creams/gels, lozenges, and pellets are available for men as for women.

The subject of low libido has been discussed as long as men and women have been around. In the past, we didn’t understand the roots of the problem but today we are fortunate to have effective therapies for the condition.  If we can help you with this, feel free to contact us.