The Importance of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement In Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The effects of stress on the overall health of a person can be dramatic and increase the risks of diseases and early death.  Stress triggers the overproduction of cortisol and robs the body of other hormones, especially the sex hormones. The reasons for this have many factors, but two main reasons are: The body takes the building blocks for all hormones and makes more cortisol in response to stress: And there is a negative feedback on the signaling area in the brain that tells your body to make hormones.

When people have been affected by PTSD, studies have shown that they may have decreased hormone levels. The effects of elevated cortisol need to be addressed first, but then we need to look at the hormone levels in both men and women. The benefits of replacing hormone levels in this group of patients are dramatic and lifesaving.

When we replace these missing sex hormones we need to replace them with the exact duplicate, we need to use bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones can be given in various dosage forms depending on the situation.  Some of the dosage forms include topical, injection, sublingual, capsules and implantable pellets. The correct dosage form depends on the patient and the hormone given.